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What Are You Going To Do That's Fun Today?

My four-year-old was getting a little mopey in the mornings when it was time to go to preschool. He would tell me that he doesn't have any fun there. Of course every afternoon when I pick him up, he's happily playing with his friends, excited to show me the cars he's made out of LEGOs or the dinosaur city he's built. Sometimes it's all I can do to get him to put the toys away so the teachers can go home.

So now in the mornings when I hug him goodbye, I have started asking him "What are you going to do today that's fun?". Usually he has an answer, but once in a while he says he doesn't know. When that happens, I ask him "Are you excited to find out?", and he always says yes. Then I say "ONE. TWO. THREE. GOOOOOOOOO!!!!" and he runs off to the play area without even a glance back at me.

I've started asking myself the same thing in the mornings.

So what are YOU going to do that's fun today?

Ben Wilhelm

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