My Job Is Not To Make You Agile

Just as a developer's job is not to write code, my job is not to make your organization Agile.

My job is to help your team ship features to your customers.

Many of the tools I use to do that come from the various Agile methodologies, but they're just that: tools. Learning InDesign and Sketch won't make you a designer. Learning JavaScript or Swift won't make you an engineer. Unless you understand the problem that a tool solves, it will quite possibly do you more harm than good.

Blindly applying Agile ceremonies and other overhead to a process that's already in trouble is only going to make things worse. Instead of adopting a process to solve your team's problems, you need to start with the goal and mindset of enabling your team to solve its own problems.

I work with small SaaS teams. That's an intentional choice. Small teams are hungry. They usually haven't been around long enough for deep-rooted dysfunction to set in. They're eager to do their best work, both as individuals and as a team, and so with a little guidance they quickly learn to take ownership of their own process and improve upon it. I help straighten out the pitches and the team hits them out of the park.

So what could your team accomplish with a little guidance?

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