Nimble Moose, LLC

Is your software team experiencing growing pains?

  • Your developers are working constantly, but shipping sporadically.
  • You hear "It'll be done when it's done" or "Probably next week."
  • You have a dozen features in development (or more!), but no idea of their status, priority, or delivery date
  • Every deploy breaks something.
  • You don't know what to do except ask for more status updates

"Our product team had reached a size where the classic early startup "hustle" (i.e. a couple people huddled around a computer writing as much code as possible) was becoming less practical and effective..."

What could tomorrow look like?

  • What if each morning you could see measurable, customer-ready progress?
  • What if it was a rare exception for any individual feature to take more than a day or two to complete?
  • What if you knew exactly which items were in progress, their statuses, and the relative priorities of the items that will be addressed next?
  • What if you could push new code live with confidence that it wouldn't break your site or application?
  • What if clear, unambiguous status updates were painlessly built into your team's process? You wouldn't have to chase them down; they'd come to you.

"...Ben has completely revamped the way that our team plans, scopes, and builds product features. Because he's done so in a way that jives so well with the way our team likes to work, the new habits and processes he's implemented have stuck..."

👋 Hi! I'm Ben Wilhelm. I can help.

I'm a software consultant who helps growing development teams to build the processes and technical foundations that meet the demands of their products. I use a mix of technical expertise, management experience, and a teaching background to identify and remove impediments that are technical, process-oriented, or interpersonal in nature.

Ben Wilhelm
"...Ben observed, analyzed, and improved our product development processes quickly and effectively. But he didn't simply take a boilerplate process and apply it. He was careful to listen to our team's specific requirements, preferences, idiosyncrasies, and appetite for change and turn that into bite-sized, custom optimizations that made the most sense for us. His work is already worth the investment and will continue to pay dividends far into the future."

Some Services I Offer

Technical Leadership

Your team is sharp and eager to succeed, but lacks experience. I can bring seniority and order while mentoring your developers' professional growth.

"We asked Ben Wilhelm to come in because our programmers needed expert guidance before making some technical decisions. What we got from Ben was more than just expertise: it was expertise plus organized thinking, clear communication, good humor, and an obviously habitual willingness to listen before advising. We recommend him without reservation, and look forward to the next time we work with him ourselves."

Process Leadership

Your team knows their stuff, but they're having trouble shipping product reliably or consistently. I can improve your process for defining and executing on product requirements in a way the makes stakeholders happy and keeps developers free to do what they do best.

"Like any great engineer, Ben is extremely logical and methodical. His rare talent, however, is taking that approach beyond the code and into multiple aspects of a business - team building, communication, productivity, career development, and more."

Individual Coaching for Team Leaders

You have the time and inclination to implement changes yourself, but need help identifying the issues and strategizing solutions.

"He provided valuable feedback and showed a lot of flexibility when it came to my questions. I appreciated that he had enough confidence in myself and my team to push us hard and throw extra challenges at us if we ever seemed too at ease."

Individual Mentoring for Developers

You have a single developer who shows promise, but needs some guidance to be able to execute at the level that the job demands. I can work with this person to improve their technical skill and communication.

"He expects a lot from you, but supports you every time you need it--a teacher who can really push his students past their own preconceived ideas of what is possible."

May I tell you more?

I send a few emails per week with tips and ideas to help your team ship reliable code consistently.
Think I can help you? I'd love to hear from you:[email protected]