Helping Small SaaS Teams Stop Thrashing and Start Shipping

Is your small SaaS dev team thrashing as it grows? Are you hiring developers and finding that it's becoming more difficult to get code out the door?

Your first one or two developers were crushing it. They were almost superhuman in their speed and productivity.

About the time the third or fourth developer was hired, you probably found that shipping features became significantly more difficult.

Wildly inaccurate estimations mean missed deadlines. Pressure to ship means bugs in production. Focus on individual development tasks instead of user-facing features means lots of code written, but little of it adding value to your product.

Working as an effective team requires a different mindset and different habits than working as an individual.

With a mix of technical expertise, management experience, and a teaching background, I can teach your team to self-organize, focus their collective efforts, and eliminate unspoken assumptions that cause misunderstandings and rework.

Ben Wilhelm

Is your dev team working hard but not shipping? I can help.

"Ben's work is already worth the investment and will continue to pay dividends far into the future."

Our product team had reached a size where the classic early startup "hustle" (i.e. a couple people huddled around a computer writing as much code as possible) was becoming less practical and effective.

Ben has completely revamped the way that our team plans, scopes, and builds product features. Because he's done so in a way that jives so well with the way our team likes to work, the new habits and processes he's implemented have stuck.

He didn't simply take a boilerplate process and apply it. He was careful to listen to our team's specific requirements, preferences, idiosyncrasies, and appetite for change and turn that into bite-sized, custom optimizations that made the most sense for us. Ben's work is already worth the investment and will continue to pay dividends far into the future.

James Francis

James Francis
CEO of Screencastify
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I send a few emails per week with tips and ideas to help your team stop thrashing and start shipping reliable code consistently.

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